Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupations to a Rogue. Find Captain Bezique and tell him you wish to become a Rogue. He says you will earn his respect if you catch one of the thieves, and tells you to meet Neti.

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Gludin Village


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Path to a Rogue

1. If you want to learn information about the Rogue class you can ask the Grand Master in the Warriors guild and he will tell you the purpose of a Rogue and where to start the quest.

2. To start the quest, speak to Captain Bezique outside the western gate of Gludin Village.

3. When you talk to the Captain he will tell you he will recommend you if you help him with a problem he’s having.

4. He wants you to catch a band of thieves that have been plaguing the area and he sends you to someone who he says will help.

5. The Captain gives you a letter and sends you to see Neti, who was apparently once a famous Rogue. You can find Neti in the main courtyard area of Gludin

6. She says she will help you but only if you do what she says and she devises a plan to help train you.

7. She gives you a dagger and bow and instructs you to use those weapons in the Ruins of agony to hunt skeletons and spartoi. You must bring back 10 bone pieces as proof. (Note: These go in your regular inventory not your quest inventory)

8. Travel to the Ruins of Agony and use either the bow or the dagger to get the last blow on your kills. You do not have to use it the entire time, only for the last blow.

9. Hunt Tracker Skeletons, Tracker Skeleton Leaders, Skeleton Bowman, Skeleton Scout, Ruin Spartoi and Raging Spartoi to collect bone pieces.

10. Once you have collected ten bones, return them to Neti.

11. Neti will give you the Horseshoe of Light to take to Captain Bezique

12. When you return to the Captain he will send you out to kill the Cat’s Eye Bandits that have stolen the town’s treasure. Again, you have to get the last blow with the Dagger or Bow that Neti gave you.

13. The bandits are at the Abandoned Camp.

14. Kill the bandits until you have recovered four stolen items.

15. Return the items to Captain Bezique and he will write you a letter of recommendation.

16. Visit to Grand Master Ramos in the Warriors Guild in Gludin and finish the class change quest.

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