Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupations to a Knight. Sir Karol Vasper explains that the 'Trial of the Esquire' must be performed in order to become a Knight. Squires must travel to other villages and serve errands of Captains and High Priests. You must gather more than 3 Lord's Mark.

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Τοποθεσία Εκκίνησης

Gludin Village

Αμοιβή (Reward)

Μετατροπή σε Human Knight

Newbie Rewards


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Path to a Human Knight
Από Illogical


1. Visit Sir Klaus Vasper in front of the Warrior Guild in *Town Of Gludin*, he will ask you to bring back *3 or more Coin Of Lord*.

You need a minimum amount of 3 Coin Of Lord to finish the quest.

You will receive *Mark Of Esquire*, that allows you to receive the task to get the Coin Of Lord from the High Priest(ess) and Guard Captains in Town Of Gludin, Talking Island Village, and Gludio Village.


2. Visit three or more of the High Priest(ess) or Guard Captains in.

Town Of Gludin: - High Priestess Levian (item received: Einhasad's 2nd Temple Badge) - Guard Captain Bezique (item received: Gludio Guard's 2nd Badge)

Gludio Village: - High Priest Raymond (item received: Einhasad's 1st Temple Badge) - Guard Captain Bathis (item received: Gludio Guard's 1st Badge)

Talking Island Village: - High Priest Biotin (item received: Einhasad's 3rd Temple Badge) - Guard Captain Gilbert (item received: Gludio Guard's 3rd Badge)

Every badge can be exchanged for *1 Coin Of Lord* when you hunted the asked amount of monsters and returning to the NPC which given you the task.

Town Of Gludin: - High Priestess Levian will ask you to hunt *Langk Lizardmen* to get *20 Lizardmen Totems*. The only monsters that drop the Quest Item are *Langk Lizardmen Scout* and *Langk Lizardmen Warrior* in *Langk Lizardmen Dwelling* on a 1/1 drop rate.

- Guard Captain Bezique will ask you to hunt *Gaint Spiders* which is very unclear. The actual monsters you need to hunt are *Poison Spider* and *Archnid Tracker* in *Windmill Hill*, *Archnid Predator* also drops the Quest Item. You need *20 Poison Spider Legs* on a 1/1 drop rate.

Gludio Village: - High Priest Raymond will ask you to return *20 Einhasad’s Crucifixed* which can be found by killing a certain Quest Monster in *Ruins Of Despair* named *Undead Priest*. The drop rate is 1 Quest Item every 2 mobs.

- Guard Captain Bathis will ask you to hunt *Bugbear Warriors* and return with *10 Bugbear Necklace*. The Bugbears can be found in *Evil Hunting Grounds* and will drop the Quest Item 1/1.

Talking Island Village: - High Priest Biotin wants you to return *10 Skull Of Silent Horror*. The *Silent Horrors* can be found inside *Elven Ruins*, you can easily do this solo, but watch out for the numerous aggro-mobs inside the ruins. The quest item will drop at a rate of 1/2.

- Guard Captain Gilbert will ask you to hunt *Gaint Spiders* and return *20 Gaint Spider Husks*. These can be found in the *Nothern Area* of Talking Island Village. The other spiders around there won’t give you the Quest Item needed. Drop rate is 1/1.

If you have gotten the amount of Quest Items asked for, return to the NPC which given you the task to exchange the gotten badge for *1 Coin Of Lord*.

3. If you have gathered *3 or more Coin Of Lord*. Return to *Sir Klaus Vasper* in *Town Of Gludin*. He will give you *Sword Of Ritual*, 3200 experience and 7260 SP.


4. If you’re already level 20 at this point, visit *Grand Master Ramos* inside the Warrior Guild in *Town Of Gludin*. Otherwise level up to level 20 and follow this last step in the guide. Use the option *Change Profession to a Knight* to finish the quest.


Congratulations! You’re now a Human Knight.

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