Path to a Palus Knight By Jute

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1. If you want to learn information about the Palus Knight class you can ask the Grand Master in the Dark Elven guild.

2. The quest begins with Master Virgil who can be found inside the Dark Elf Guild in Gludio.

3.Virgil will tell you a bit about the Palus Knight and sets you to start the ritual. He will give you a talisman and tell you to collect thirteen skulls from Lycanthropes in the Neutral Zone.

4.Head to the Neutral Zone where you will need to kill Lycanthropes until you collect thirteen skulls.

5.Take the skulls back to Master Virgil where he will tell you the true essence of a dark knight.

6.To finish the ritual you will need to create a coffin and for that he sends you with a letter, to Gludin to see Abyssal Celebrant Kalinta.

7.You will find Kalinta in the Dark Elven Guild in Gludin.

8.She tells you about making the coffin and gives you a talisman to identify you to others as you collect the materials.

9.Head to Windmill Hill where you will need to hunt Poison Spiders and Arachnid Trackers. The Poison Spiders will provide the Carapace you need and the Arachnid Trackers have the silk.

10.Kalinta helps you to finish your coffin and after you’ve signed your name in blood you are ready to return to Master Virgil in Gludio.

11.Master Virgil will tell you the final meaning of the Gaze of the Abyss and you are ready for the transformation into a Palus Knight.

12.Go to Grand Master Tobias, not far from Master Virgil in the Dark Elven Guild to make the change to Palus Knight.