Path to an Orc Raider By Jute (updated for C5 by GDK)

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1. If you want to learn information about being an Orc Raider you can ask the Flame Lord or a High Prefect and he will tell you the purpose of an Orc Raider and where to start the quest.

2. Prefect Karukia is the one will set you on the path to become an Orc Raider. She can be found in the fighter training area in Orc Village.

3. She will send you to kill Goblin Tomb Raider Leaders until Kuruka Ratman Leaders appear.

4. Goblin Tomb Raider Leaders can be found just east of the pin in the higher area.

5. Kill Goblin Tomb Raider Leaders to obtain Green Blood.

6. After a random number of kills a Kuruka Ratman Leader will rise from the ground at the spot you killed the last Goblin, so do not move away from the spot too quickly after each kill.

7. Kill the Ratman and you will receive a tooth. You need ten of these.

8. Once you have ten, return to Prefect Karukia. She will give you the option of going to "Gludio Village" or the Town of Schuttgart to finish the quest.

If you choose "I want to go to Gludio Village," follow steps 9-12 marked with -Gludin-. If you choose "I want to go to the Town of Schuttgart," follow steps 9-12 marked with -Schuttgart-.

9. You can find Prefect Kasman at the Orc Camp in Gludin.

10. He will send you to an area in the Dark Forest (the Dark Elven area) where the traitor orcs are hiding.

11. Kill Umber Orcs until you collect two heads.

12. Return to Prefect Kasman with the heads and he will give you what you need to complete the class change quest.

13. Take the Mark of the Raider to High Prefect Osborn and he will complete the class change quest to Orc Raider.


Follow the steps below if you chose to go to Schuttgart.

9. -Schuttgart- You can find Prefect Tazeer in the Orc Guild of Schuttgart.

10. -Schuttgart- Tazeer will ask you to hunt quest monster Timora Orc.

11. -Schuttgart- The Timora Orcs can be found at a beach area near the pin mark.

12. Kill the Timora Orcs until you receive quest item Timora Orc's Head. You will only need one.

13. -Schuttgart- Return to Prefect Tazeer and he will give you the Mark of the Raider

After receiving the Mark of the Raider, talk to any High Prefect in Gludin, Gludio, or Dion to change your class to Orc Raider.